WHERE: Gros Morne NP, Newfoundland Canada  

: Rocky Harbor 

Backpack, Camp, Orienteer



Beautiful remote landscape were you can find genuine solitude and achieve a genuine feeling of blazing your own trail.

This is an off-trail traverse that takes you from stunning inland fjords lined with 2,000-foot-high granite cliffs draped with wispy waterfalls deep into Gros Morne National Park.  The landscape here is as dramatic and remote. It was carved by glaciers from massive, uplifted blocks of granite that form the expansive sub-arctic plateau that is full of moose and caribou.

Good skills with map, compass, and GPS are required since no marked or maintained trails penetrate this unique wilderness. The trek is so wild that the park wardens won’t issue you a permit unless you pass a map and compass skills test and carry a locator beacon.



The satisfaction of trekking 35miles by your wits and not following an established trail.



During the day your feet with be constantly wet.



The Long Range Mountains take the brunt of some of the worst weather in the world. Trails are wet, muddy and slippery. There are multiple river crossings with high levels of fast flowing cold water. Periods of low clouds and fog not only obscures the views but can make it impossible to keep trekking, delaying your trip.

Also impenetrable alpine krummholz vegetation, called tuckamore, so dense it seriously complicates navigation. It is best to avoid tuckamore altogether and hike around it


Fly into Deer Lake, rent a car and drive to the park office near Rocky Harbor.



Call the park offices for information and to book your camp sites. Ask the rangers for lots of advice and recommendations.

Practice compass and map skills before going. You will have to pass a test before the ranger will issue you a permit.

The local gas station and hardware store sells basic supplies you may have forgotten, as well as, fuel for your stove that's not allowed on airplanes.



Bring an extra set of clothes, especially socks and keep them dry for camp and sleeping.

Ground cloth and tarp for added protection against the rain. And of course a good compass. You can buy the topo map at the rangers office. Bring a marker to write tips from the ranger on the map - you won't remember them all.