UV Water Sterilizer

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Sometimes you can be lazy in the backcountry, but water safety is still important. To get the best of both worlds, we found rather than using a hand-pump filter, or using a tube to do 1 liter at a time – this UV filter, from Camelbak, connects perfectly to our 3L Water Jug.

Using a debris-free water source is ideal, but some filtering can be done using a pre-filter or even our coffee filter or a bandana. Connect the filter to the jug, and run ideally 3 times to treat the water. You should swish the water around (upside down, back and forth) to make sure all of the water has exposure to the light source.

We've been using this system for over a year now, and not a single hiccup yet. Supported by Camelbak's 
Got Your Bak Lifetime Guarantee

Neoprene protective case
USB charging cord
Treats 80 1L cycles with each charge
LCD screen verifies success

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