Bush Pot 4 Qt

$ 30.00

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The lightweight bush billy is a jack of all trades - a water purifier, cooking pot, baking oven* and bear-deflector. To pack it smart, fill it with your other gear and it will take up ZERO pack space. Thanks to our high-temperature silicone tubing, our handle can usually be grabbed safely for easy use. If it ever gets too hot, the red grip is split for easy removal [recommended for temperatures over 1000°F].

Non-stock option makes cleanup a breeze – just don't let it sit in the flames!

Want to make Camp Bread?

*our junior bush billy (Bush Pot Jr. 2 Qt.) is also required for baking.

feather weight aluminum
high temperature silicone grip (removable)
non-stick coating
made in Wisconsin

8" wide x 5.25" deep
~4 qt capacity (closer to 3.5)

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