Limited Edition: Holiday Coffee Kit

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Coffee is essential to any good camping trip — a bag of fresh grounds is usually the first thing in our pack. We like to keep things simple and developed a feather light mesh filter that brews superb coffee without a bunch of bells and whistles or moving parts.

Our kit "tames the morning bear" with traditional cowboy style brewing, where the grinds go in with the hot water. But instead of pouring through a bandana, the mesh filter is secured across the bottle mouth letting the good stuff flow out. If it slows down just gently increase the tension on the filter to increase size of the mesh openings. It makes one memorable cup of joe that motivates us to unzip the sleeping bag on a cool morning.

Basic version available here.

1L Nalgene bottle with directions on side
12oz dark roast whole bean coffee
Featherlight filter
Brewing instructions
Bush Smarts Exclusive